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8920 Wilshire Blvd, #427, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
New Patients: (424) 999-0145 Current Patients: (310) 657-6434
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added on: March 11, 2021

Radiation-Free Caries Detection

Prevention is the best medicine and early detection of minor issues is a big part of that. But how do you detect pediatric dental problems in those fast-growing and ever-changing little teeth? We could use x-rays at every visit, but even with our advanced digital radiographic technology, that would be too much. Introducing CariVu – a way to see inside teeth with zero radiation! CariVu is space-age technology in the palm of our hands. And we aren’t just saying that because it goes with our fun outer-space theme. This amazing little device lets us get a clear view of what’s going on in and under the enamel so we can examine, educate, and restore with ease.

What CariVu Does

Get ready for some big words: According to the American Dental Association, “CariVu™ is a portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal, and recurrent carious lesions and cracks.” In simpler terms, that means that we can take a look inside any tooth or teeth by illuminating those teeth in a special way. Once the tooth is illuminated by safe, near-infrared light, we are able to see even the earliest beginnings of cavities or decay on the biting surface, between teeth, and at the gumline. This near-infrared light makes teeth glow and look lit up, while damage or decay remains dark. It’s that simple!


  • Because CariVu is not an x-ray, your child is exposed to less radiation than ever
  • Instead of using radiation to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy areas of your tooth, CariVu uses risk-free near-infrared light
  • CariVu is a small, portable, handheld device that fits quite comfortably into even tiny mouths with no pain or gum irritation
  • Live video of the inside of your child’s mouth is one of the best educational tools we have and CariVu easily and comfortably captures live video and images
  • Transillumination with tools such as CariVu has been shown to be just as reliable as traditional caries-detection methods such as x-rays and visual exams

So the next time you come in for a checkup, put your mind at ease. While we do continue to take safer, high-quality digital x-rays periodically, our go-to method for frequent cavity screenings is to take a quick and painless illuminated look inside young teeth. It’s the latest technology and your kids are worth it!

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